Frequent questions /

  1. Who deals with the control of bureaucracy involved in the activity?

    Conexión Ganadera deals with 100% of the logistical and bureaucratic activities, involved in the development of the contract. His job is to be the eyes of the owner of the cattle and a big effort is made to make the client feel that he has a simple investment, solving for him and for him, all the complexities that this activity implies.
  2. How is the cattle ownership documented?

    Both ownership and the movements of cattle in Uruguay are documented in three ways. On the one hand, through the issuance of property and transit guides from the Directorate of the Comptroller of Livestock (DICOSE) that act as title deeds and that are monitored by the Ministry of the Interior; on the other hand by an electronic identification in the form of a plastic ear tag that are controlled by the National System of Livestock Identification (SNIG), and finally, by the brand of fire that is assigned to the owners of the cattle and is unique for each owner.
  3. What is the investment guarantee?

    The investment backup is constituted by the cattle, whose value increases annually. The rights of the investor over the invested capital and its benefits, are obtained from the collection of the sale of the animals at the end of the contract. This value comfortably exceeds the share that corresponds to the investor and that is what makes the backup so robust, to the point of minimizing the risks of the investor, even in extreme situations such as the foot and mouth disease of 2001 or 2009´s drought.
  4. What happens if the cattle dies or the price of the cattle decreases?

    The animals owned by the investor increase their value by almost 100% per year. Of this growth only a minimum part is what the contract recognizes as the right of the investor. It is for this reason that the physical growth and value of the surviving animals will be used to replace the animals that have died or the price that has deteriorated in the course of the contract.